Rolex Day Date – #1803

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1 review for Rolex Day Date – #1803

  1. Timothy B taylor

    Do you have photo of back of watch , there is ware you can see the millage of watch , it being 18 K it is soft and without changing the screw back of the watch you can get A good Idea of how many hours the watch has been worn , very nicely reconditioned from what I can see. It is not A quick set , I’m finding even the older presidential with out the double or single set is really keeping the value. Who can tell by looking if you have A older movement or A newer one. Any Rolex has been A good investment for the last 30 years , I bought A date just champagne dial , new from Charlse Warren in 91 the same watch now goes used for 6000 dollars on average , I bought it brand new for 2400 bucks, simple 18 karat stainless band ? What an investment opportunity, if I would have known that then LOL.

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